The Drive & Survive E-Learner product is an in-house designed,
web-based, training package, which provides drivers with a wealth
of interesting road-related facts, hints, tips and ideas aimed at
assisting the driver in avoiding some of the most common types of

As with practical, on-road Drive & Survive Training the
programme focuses on typical incident scenarios,
provides examples of what can go wrong and
offers advice as to how these may be prevented.

Areas of the programme will focus on the individual’s vulnerability
as a road user and will examine their powers of concentration, observation
and perception. Also incorporated are specific ‘coaching sessions’,
which will cover such topics as parking & manoeuvring and personal

Throughout the E-Learner programme, extensive use is made of moving
graphics and other contemporary presentation formats, in order to
retain interest and make the experience more pleasurable.

Each module of the E-Learner has a bank of questions associated
with it, which will measure the degree to which each driver has absorbed
the information provided. The programme not only rates each participant’s
performance in terms of questions answered correctly but also takes
into account how many attempts were made to do this and the time
taken overall. A participant who takes a very short time, even if
the questions were answered correctly, may not have absorbed all
the information available.

Once selected for the programme, drivers will be given a unique
password, which will allow them access to the programme for a pre-determined
period but they will be able to log on and off the site at will during
this time, thus allowing it to fit around normal work patterns. If
participants complete the modules in the correct manner, and without
having to repeat the modules too often, it should take about an hour
in total.