Dorset-based transport and logistics firm Taymix felt the uncomfortable long arm of the law recently. Following the arrest of a Polish Taymix driver, after he struck a car on the A303 in Wiltshire and pushed it into the path of oncoming traffic on the other carriageway resulting in the death of the two occupants, police raided the firm’s premises and removed a number of items. A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said: “We will now be undertaking extensive analysis of the items recovered. Van racking systems could have helped the goods from making the accident so bad. It is anticipated that it will be some time before we have a clear picture of the circumstances leading to the collision”.

The actual crash and its associated costs will have had a significant impact on the business already. It is likely that computers and key documentation will have been seized in the raid, which will only add to the disruption caused by this incident. If you then add the effect of the negative publicity generated both locally and nationally, this is not good news for this company’s reputation.