The Health & Safety Executive has brought a successful prosecution against a director of a Widnes-based firm, whose poor policies and procedures led to the death of an employee after he was run over by a vehicle on a demolition site. Commenting on the resulting suspended custodial sentence, Health & Safety Executive inspector Debbie John said, “A small investment in time and good working practices can often save a business a lot of time and money, incurred as a result of injured workers or enforcement action.”

Another company was recently fined £100,000, after one of its workers was crushed to death by the specialised vehicle he was driving when it toppled over. Lack of driver training was cited as a significant factor in this case. HSE inspector Rosemary Leese Weller said, “This employee’s death would have been entirely preventable if simple health and safety precautions had been followed, including proper vehicle maintenance and training. This particular accident illustrates the importance of employers providing safe sites, safe vehicles and safe drivers.”