IAM Fleet, the commercial driver training arm of the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) has appointed Simon Elstow as Head of Training for its UK operations of IAM Fleet and Drive & Survive.

IAM Fleet has made the appointment as part of its commitment to provide the best advanced driver training for fleets of all sizes in the UK and overseas. The move follows the retirement of Lloyd Brown.

By promoting CPD (continuous professional development) and creating a greater awareness of road safety standards, IAM Fleet works with organisations to reduce the costs associated with occupational driving incidents and safeguard the welfare of employees who drive as part of their work activity.

An Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and Fleet Training specialist, Mr Elstow has been involved with the IAM’s occupational training division for three years, and now ensures the standards of IAM Fleet’s national network of more than 200 highly qualified trainers are maintained at industry-best.

“Ever increasing corporate manslaughter legislation means that any member of staff driving or riding for business needs to have their safety assessed and addressed where necessary,” said Mr Elstow.

“By assisting employers and fleet managers in developing a corporate road safety culture, and designing and implementing a strategy to reduce road risk, we help them fulfil their duty of care to their employees whose work activities include driving.”

Mr Elstow said all IAM Fleet trainers are not only ADIs, they also hold an advanced driver qualification for the category of vehicle in which they provide training.

For the first time, the Head of Training post will work across the IAM Fleet Group in the UK, including Drive & Survive.

Welcoming Simon to his new role, IAM Fleet Managing Director Seb Goldin said:
“Quality driving expertise may seem like an overhead to some businesses. But the benefits in terms of saving expenses quickly pay back in fuel savings and crucially preventing the crashes that blight lives.”


1.Issued by the IAM Press Office. We have an ISDN line for interviews.

2. The IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) directly influences the driving and riding of more than 160,000 road users a year (full members, associates and commercial clients) in the UK and Ireland. Established in 1956, the IAM is today best known for the advanced driving test and the advanced driving course. The IAM has grown to become the UK’s leading road safety charity, dedicated to raising driving standards, engaging with the road-using public and influencing road safety policy. IAM Fleet, the corporate arm of the IAM, has two subsidiary companies, Drive & Survive and Fleet Ireland.

3. A 2006 report by Brunel University, following an 18 month study, concluded that “advanced driver training produces safer drivers and lower accident involvement”, with measurable improvements in knowledge, skills and attitude. The “Driving Tips” provided by the IAM are part of our broader road safety mission and not intended as a substitute for the advanced driving course.

4. In January 2007, the IAM Motoring Trust was established as the research and advocacy arm of the IAM. The IAM Motoring Trust will undertake research, promote practical policies, act as an advocate for safer roads, safer drivers and safer vehicles and encourage responsible motoring through education and training.