Alarmed by the statistic that one in every three road deaths on UK roads last year was linked to someone at work, the UK’s leading occupational driver training business, Drive & Survive, has joined with the LFC Insurance Group to provide online driver coaching and development for the insurance broker’s fleet clients within their insurance premiums.

The professional training division of the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists), Drive & Survive lead more than 35,000 drivers through risk management (DRM) programmes each year. The DRM programme determines a driver’s ‘risk rating’ through an online assessment, which then establishes what further training is required, from e-learning to on-road training.

The LFC Armada Plus product is a unique concept that will improve the performance of motor fleets, help commercial clients by reducing associated costs, and provide an audit trail for duty of care and health and safety issues for drivers at work.

The need for companies to fulfil their duty of care as an employer and to ensure that each driver is trained with the necessary skills to complete their job in the safest means possible is an ongoing necessity, even in the current economic climate.

LFC Armada Plus was created to assist companies with fleets to ensure they are maintaining this need by funding the driver assessment and online training elements of such a programme for fleet clients. The practical side of managing the programme is also carried out by Drive & Survive through tailored on-road coaching at the client’s expense.

“Through partnerships with commercial insurance brokers like LFC Insurance, and supported by forward-thinking underwriters, Drive & Survive can provide risk management solutions to fleets included within their insurance premiums, which can help to both reduce fleet costs and fulfil duty of care obligations of employers in this challenging economic climate,” said Drive & Survive Managing Director, Seb Goldin.

“Through assessing risk and up-skilling as necessary, driver training is proven to be self-funding with the benefits also likely to flow through to an improved claims experience.

“With the insurance industry covering costs to help commercial companies provide this essential form of training, this innovative partnership can further help to reduce the alarming rate of at-work driving deaths, create a safer road environment for all road users and support companies with their duty of care as fleet operators.

“Drive & Survive is delighted to partner with the independent commercial broking group, the LFC Insurance Group, to roll out the innovative new LFC Armada Plus concept,” said Mr Goldin.

LFC Insurance Managing Director Jerry Clayton said, “By working in partnership with seven leading insurers, and Drive & Survive, we are confident that we have demonstrated our commitment to the effective risk management of motor fleets, by putting our money where our mouth is.”