The next series of workshops will take place at Legoland on June 27th, Prodrive Proving Ground on June 28th and Pride Park, Derby on June 29th.

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New courses that have been added recently are as follows:

4×4 on and off road dynamics training Ref IA032
4×4 on the job training Ref IA033
4×4 self recovery and winching Ref IA034

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Transport Minister Dr Stephen Ladyman, who is regularly called upon to talk on road safety issues, used to work for pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. While he was there he was selected for on-road driver training………and guess which company provided it. Drive & Survive of course.

This is an extract of a speech made at the IAM Annual Lunch in London in December 2005 by Dr Stephen Ladyman, Minister of State for Transport:

speech marks ……………….indeed, back when I was a company car driver, I did a Drive & Survive course!

“The company I worked for realised that it was important to have their employees trained in defensive driving, which is why they chose Drive & Survive, and fleet driver training generally is an increasingly important part of the market. Most employers recognise they have a legal responsibility for the health and safety of their staff at work – but too many are failing to look after employees who drive as part of their job.

“That has to change. The duty of care applies as much to high-mileage company reps as office-based clerical staff and to every company that employs commercial and passenger vehicle drivers. speech marks

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