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Hands on car driving training

A key element of driver risk management is coaching drivers in defensive driving techniques.

It’s all about getting drivers to be more aware of the risk that is present whenever they drive.

Improving Control Skills

Although we are mainly concerned with improving drivers’ mental approach to managing road risk, there are still many benefits to be gained from honing those vehicle control skills too.

The courses within this section are usually delivered at our Track & Training Facility within the confines of the Prodrive Proving Ground near Kenilworth in Warwickshire (for its location please click here).

This a secure site where we can carry out a wide variety of driving courses, some at realistic speeds, in complete safety and well away from other road users.

Electronic Products for safe car driving

Modern risk management means user-friendly online risk assessments, compelling E-Learning modules and meaningful data that allows you to monitor your programme as you go.

Drive & Survive has developed its own range of electronic products and is therefore not only entirely in control of day to day administrative activity but also on-going development, which is largely dictated by both customer and market needs.

Customers about car driving

Speech Mark …with regards to accident costs, we have seen a significant savings year on year, for example:

  • Our vehicle insurance premium has been reduced year on year for the past three years, despite an increase in fleet size
  • Our own damage costs have reduced by approx 50% over three years
  • Our accident / incident ratio has also decreased by approx 50% over the three years and is now below the industry average

We are extremely pleased with how the programme with Drive & Survive is working. Speech Mark

Chris Jacobs, HS&E Manager, O2