The Advanced Driving Test lasts approximately 90 minutes and cover somewhere between 35 and 40 miles. There are more details of this on the page about the Advanced Test itself

The IAM currently offers the following Classifications of Test

Private Car Class
All Private cars.
Suitable adapted cars used by disabled Drivers.
A car derivative van or pick-up whose maximum permissable weight does not exceed 3.5 tonnes.

Motorcycle Class
Motorcycles in the 200cc class or over.
Certain Motorcycles under 200cc may be tested at the discretion of the Chief Examiner. The Motorcycle must be capable of achieving 70mph easily and sustaining it in appropriate conditions.
3-wheeled vehicles of the ‘Bond’ and ‘Reliant’ types. These are subject to the following conditions:-
That the unladen weight does not exceed 410kg.
That a safe seat is provided alongside the driver for the Examiner.
That the vehicle design permits the driver to give either hand signals or Trafficator signals.

Commercial Class
Goods Vehicles with a permissable maximum weight of over 3.5 tonnes. Exceptions: tractors, electically propelled vehicles, vehicles drawing trailers other than articulated vehicles, or vehicles that are subject to special speed limits or restrictions.
Buses and Coaches fitted with 9 or more passenger seats where the driver is the holder of a PCV driving Licence.
Drivers must be over 21 years of age.

Minibus Class

Driver must be over 21 years old and possess an A Category on the old style licence or B + D1 on the new style licence.
Vehicle must be fitted with more than 8 and not more than 16 passenger seats (excluding the drivers seat).

Caravan and Trailer Class
This Class is for existing IAM members only and may be taken using a towing vehicle of the same category already passed. The test is divided into four sections:-
Vehicle Check and hitching procedure.
Oral Questions.
Road test of 45 minutes.
Manoeuvring and reversing off the road.