While Google and Tesla are struggling to make ordinary cars self-propelled, NASA has created the foundation for the ideal driverless car that can drive sideways, and turn on the stand.

When standing still similar to an ordinary golf cart. But when the 100 percent electric motor starts and it starts to run, you can clearly see that the space agency NASA has built a completely unique vehicle.
NASA car has wheels that an office chair

Modular Robotic Vehicle distinguish themselves above all because of their special wheels, each of which is structured as individual units called e-corner.
With technology, the wheels can rotate 360 degrees around itself, so that the car including can parallel park directly sideways and swinging with a radio at 0 degrees.

NASA build the perfect city car

All communication between the car’s systems precedes wireless, and it makes according to NASA the car to a structured candidate for a future autonomous car.
Meantime, NASA prototype only remotely controlled and not run by itself.
Technology giant Google has already tested the autonomous car while now Tesla is developing technology that will make the Tesla cars completely self-driving within five years.
NASA in the race for autonomous car

The two producers are focused on creating self-driving cars in addition to drive yourself similar to those we know today.
NASA vehicle’s small size and huge operating skill makes it ideal for navigating the narrow and busy streets and park in town.