Out with Nvidia’s driving platform and in with its own Tesla computer product. Elon Musk wants to have its own chip in its self-driving cars.

Tissel, tassel and rumor are common in the world of new technology. Elon Musk and Tesla are certainly no exception. Now they are pulling out the drapes for one of the secret projects they worked with and revealing a self-produced artificial intelligence-chip, Techcrunch reported.

So far, Tesla has relied on Nvidia’s platform for self-propelled cars. That technology is now being thrown out, and instead, it’s going to get its own hardware. The idea is that it should do just the same as the current system. Thus do all the calculations required for the characteristics the car has. Nvidia’s AI technology is also used by Speedy in the casino market.

The essence of making the technology itself is that calculations must be made at as a basic level as possible, in the circuit itself. Not in emulation mode that happens today in processors. and in the end, the shift can cause dramatic changes. With Nvidia’s hardware, the system can handle about 200 images per second. With the specialized chip, they can squeeze 2000 frames per second, with full redundancy and error surrender.

Analyst James Wang, on the other hand, believes that it really is the reason they want full control. They need more cream and tailor-made technology, which is missing in the finished products. The same reason that Apple brought out their own hardware to their phones.

By taking this route, Tesla now also has more control over the process. They can build in their pace and control the development according to their needs in a smoother way. The change applies to both new and old cars. Apparently, there shouldn’t be any problem replacing the computer and plugging in a new one.