We not only need high safety in cars. We also need safety solutions for the automotive manufacturing process. Companies in the automotive industry that handle car components and accessories need both efficient work tools and high safety to avoid accidents. On this page we recommend products and companies that make good tools for the automotive industry.


TAWI manufactures great lift systems for the automotive industry which can simplify and speed up heavy and demanding lifting.

vacuum-lift vacuum-lifter

With TAWI vacuum lifters, your employees can lift car parts and components efficiently without having to put in the effort. You can easy lift up to 270 kilos with the power of vacuum. The vacuum lifters have flexible handles that allow you to lift material from the top, from the side or both.

SGS Engineering

SGS Engineering manufactures some of the best car jacks in the UK, both car trolley jacks and hydraulic trolley jacks, which can be purchased at sgs-engineering.com.


SGS Engineering’s car jacks have the capacity to lift anything from 1.5 ton to 22 ton and is suitable for everything from home garage to professional racing.

Machine Mart

Machine Mart offer a range of engine stands and engine cranes which provide access to the engine from all angles, essential in advanced vehicle maintenance. Machine Mart also has a large selection of equipment and other automotive tools suitable for professional tradesmen.

You can order engine stands and engine cranes from Machine Mart’s website https://www.machinemart.co.uk/.